Saying “No” to commercial surveillance is as easy as renaming your device.
Just add the prefix 0$S = Do Not (zero) Sell (dollar) or Share (capital letter S) 

Truly Universal

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OptOutCode is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, routers, the apps that run on them and the IoTs they connect to

Fully Decentralized

OptOutCode does not require to build, maintain, query, or secure a central database of opting-out users, devices, or apps


Consumers can turn on OptOutCode by simply renaming their devices by adding “0$S” as the first three characters


Businesses can easily read and parse the "0$S" opt-out code from each device using backward-compatible and future proof protocols

How To adopt and spread the OptOutCode Universal Opt-Out

Consumers: turn it on

It takes just a few seconds to rename your device and add “0$S” in front. Watch our tutorials or use our apps for Apple and Android devices

App Devs: use the SDK

Download the app to see how easy it is to help your users adopt OptOutCode. Send us an email to add our SDK/feature inside your app

Businesses: listen to it

Our Apple and Android apps show how easy is to detect OptOutCode. Find sample code you can use for IoTs, Apps, and more in this doc

Web: Augment GPC

OptOutCode widens, without conflicts, privacy protections for Global Privacy Control users. Read about it & adopt our website banners to raise awareness & grow adoption

Official Supporters

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OptOutCode's Comment after being shortlisted in Colorado (submission #2)

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OptOutCode's Technical Specification

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Raise your shield: download the OptOutCode app now

The app requires no registration and it will never collect personal data from your device. More details on our privacy practices is available on the app store listing.

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